It’s Time To Finally Get That Basement Finished!

A basement renovation is one of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways of adding new living space to your house.  Gone (for good, we hope) is the traditional wood panelled recreation room, replaced by unique and modern living spaces that suit the unique needs of the homeowner. 

1. Dream
We love your basement. The reason we love your basement is because we can see it's potential. We know it can be a great living space for you and your family. It can be a family place to relax and to be together, a fun place to play and entertain, or a place to just do what you love to do. Your basement is waiting down there and it can be more than it is now. You just have to dream a little....just a little bit. Can you see it?  We can. Let us help you think of your basement differently. Let us help you see it for what it could be. 
2. Design
Great living spaces don't just happen. Great basements space don't just happen either. It takes a lot of thought and effort to create a space that is safe, functional and attractive. Now try to create that great living space inside of a concrete box with a long list of objections to creating that space. Posts, beams, ducts, furnaces, stairs, pipes, dark, cold, damp. This is where knowing how to design a basement wins out.
3. Plan
Dreams lead to designs, designs lead to construction. Belmont Craftsmen is a design-build firm. This means we will design and construct your basement project. A basement renovation is a big project. It is a serious renovation project and it needs to be treated that way. Proper planning and preparation is the right way to begin a renovation project. Design is part of the planning process, but so is project scheduling, proper estimating and costing, material selection and procurement, site review and investigation, municipal and electrical permits, and a host of other important factors that go into providing our customers with the best renovation and renovation experience available. A basement renovation is serious business and we respect you, your family and your we respect the process and plan your project thoroughly before we begin building. It is the right thing to do.
4. Build
Now the dreaming, the designing and the planning are done. Now we can begin. Belmont Craftsmen are experts at constructing basement spaces. We are the best in Kitchener Waterloo area, because it is one of our goals to be the best. We work hard at it. The same way we will work hard for you. Your basement project will be costructed by an experienced, dedicated team of basement professionals. People with extensive renovation experience, people with extensive basement renovation experience. We are efficient, thorough, clean, safe and we will build you the best basement possible. You have been with us from the start, through the dreams, through the design, through the the rest is up to us. And we will deliver.